What Makes HERBAL Different From Other Doula Certification Programs

Doula certification organizations are not all the same! It is very important to be sure you know the morals and standards of a certifying program before purchasing. Be sure you can stand behind their beliefs! Many organizations have rules, obligations, additional fees, etc. Be informed before purchasing!

Most all Doula & Birthkeeper certification programs will speak about and cover the following topics:

  • Birth work timeline/ Birth History/ Provider history
  • Antenatal/Prenatal
  • Physiological birth process
  • Assisted birth options and how to assist in each scenario
  • Pain management techniques
  • Post partum/ 4th trimester

The topics directly related to birth and the Doula’s role. We also discuss all of this in full in the HERBAL program.

But How is HERBAL Different?

At HERBAL we cover topics other programs might not discuss. A few of those topics would be:

  • Unassisted birth – how to support those who choose this option (YES, we support unassisted birthing women)
  • Birth emergencies – signs to look for and what to do in these scenarios
  • Fertility – how to track your cycle; the hormone process involved
  • Everything breastfeeding (with no additional cost!)
  • Bereavement and loss – how to support those who experience loss
  • Parenting choices
  • Nutrition
  • Homeopathy & Herbs/tinctures
  • Essential oils through out motherhood
  • Cultural awareness in birth – how to support those in other cultures as well as things to be aware of in how they are treated differently.
  • LGBTQ- how to better serve this community
  • Recognizing Domestic violence – addressing abuse in pregnancy; how to handle clients struggling with domestic violence
  • Self care in birth work – how to keep yourself safe in your work
  • Business guidance – how to get started; business-related pointers

We cover a great deal that is not covered in other programs. We feel this extra amount of information is necessary to better serve our mamas! This is also where Birthkeeping differs from Doula work. HERBAL Birthkeepers hold more holistic knowledge than your average Doula certification program.

What Else Does HERBAL Offer?

We also have a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist certification course as well which is available in the HERBAL program. This would teach the different placenta variations, how to properly examine, handle and prepare a placenta for consumption, and more! The cost of this program is $100. Most other programs do not have this certification option.

A few other added bonuses we have that others might not, are:

  • No additional costs – some require re-certification fees or additional charges, we do not – EVER.
  • Private student forum – We have a forum for our students to reach out and discuss various topics, share stories, ask questions, and fellowship with like minded women. Our students are added to this group upon enrollment and reaching out to one of the founders.
  • Payment plans – we are very flexible. Our main goal is to educate and empower women; revenue is not our purpose. We can make payment plans to help fit your budget, all you have to do is ask!
  • Scholarships – we give away multiple scholarships, to many woman, for many different reasons. Again, we are out to educate and empower. Revenue was never the priority.
  • Hands on workshop trainings across the US – there has been one held so far in our mere 3 months of HERBAL being open. We have 2 more planned for the year of 2019, stay tuned for details! These are optional and not mandatory!
  • Spanish translations- we are in the works of translating all of our course modules into the Spanish language so that we can reach more women, in diverse communities – and we couldn’t be more excited! This opens so many doors!
  • Audio recorded modules – We are also in the works of translating all of our course content into audio videos that can be listened to. We are hoping this opens more doors and makes our course accessible to others who may have disabilities.

We also have far fewer “rules” and “regulations” than your average Doula certification program. We feel women shouldn’t be confined in how they love on and support families. Here are a few examples of how we might differ from another Doula certification program:


Whichever program you choose to go with, be sure you can agree with their views and morals. There is not a certification program that is perfect for everyone, but there is definitely one out there for anyone who desires to certify! Be sure you pick the right one for YOU!

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