Have you ever given thought to swabbing your baby’s face with your vaginal fluids?

Well you might wanna give it some thought if babe is born via cesarean!

Since 1996, the cesarean rate for delivery has increased by more than 48%. Some being necessary, but majority being performed for non-science based reasoning. Reasons such as

– The mother self elects to have major abdominal surgery over a vaginal birth.

– To benefit a doctor with a scheduled birth instead of waiting for labor

– Baby being “overdue” (babies do not show up late, they do not expire either)

– Due to being induced (which is typically unnecessary in the first place).

There is LOTS of unnecessary stuff happening with birth nowadays!


Because Money, if we are going to be quite frank. They make more revenue when they add in unnecessary procedures. Nevertheless, this nonsense continues!

So, what is vaginal seeding??

Vaginal seeding is also known as micro birthing. It is when a baby is born via cesarean and the baby is swabbed with gauze that was previously placed in the mothers vagina. After collecting vaginal fluid that contain crucial microbes and necessary bacteria, the gauze is swabbed on baby’s face, eyes and mouth immediately after delivery.


Babies born via cesarean are at an increased risk for immune and metabolic disorders. Disorders and life long complications such as celiac disease, obesity, immune problems, asthma, type 1 diabetes, allergic rhinitis, and gastroenteritis.

Their gut flora is not complete; it has not been exposed to the necessary bacteria’s! This is an issue despite what your doctor shares with you or what links pop up first on google.

During a vaginal birth the baby is subjected to the mothers vaginal microflora; subjected to normal microbial seeding of the GI tract. This is something the cesarean delivered baby is left with out UNLESS they practice vaginal seeding.

It is shown that practicing the seeding after birth gives the cesarean delivered infant a similar start at life, gut flora/health wise, as their equal counterpart born vaginally. It gives them a healthier start at life, building their microbiome!

(Side note: getting antibiotics during labor for being positive for GBS wipes out this NECESSARY flora. This should be declined as well, despite what your medically minded “professionals” suggests. Read more on why you should skip the GBS testing and antibiotics by reading our article on GBS! )

If you google “vaginal seeding”, you will see that many organizations suggest you should not.


Because if you do, baby is left healthier with a better start. If baby is healthy, the parents won’t be needing to rely on medical attention for all of the issues that were avoided.

Again, Money>Your well being .

Read through the studies below, make your own choice! There is also an article better explaining the topic and how it all works in more detail.

If you may end up with a cesarean, this is a topic I would personally look into.