Quick Tricks For Pre-Eclampsia

High blood pressure? Concerned about pregnancy Hypertension or even Pre-Eclampsia?

If you’re not ready to be induced at 37 weeks for it, here are some natural remedies you can try first…

As a disclaimer, obviously, if it’s so severe that you feel you and your baby are in danger, please seek assistance. Don’t take this as life-saving medical advice.

Pictured here is Magnesium Sulfate, this is exactly what the hospital will give you to reduce your blood pressure, via IV. Purchased for $3 for a whole bag at Publix! 1/4 cup to 1 cup of warm liquid is the measurement to start with, you’ll want to drink a cup of the mixture on an hourly basis, except when you’re sleeping. It’s absolutely disgusting and will make you poop like crazy the first day or two, fair warning, but if you’re trying to avoid an induction, weigh out the risks and benefits of chugging a nasty drink vs the cocktail of interventions you may endure.

Cayenne tincture ðŸ˜ I literally recommend this for every ache or ailment in your life, but for blood pressure it does WONDERS. It’s a natural blood balancing, warming herb. 15 drops in a shot of your favorite juice 3 times a day is what you’ll want to aim for. More, if you need more. Gauge it on your body. This will make you sweat and feel hot, that means it’s doing it’s job!

Then in this majestical tea blend that I’m going to mix my Mag Sulfate in, we have:

Lemon balm

Establishing yourself on a high protein diet can help as well. (Dr Brewers is the BEST)

Anything else you want to add that worked for you? Feel free to share in the comments!

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