Professionals That You May Have Never Considered – But Need To!

When you get a positive pregnancy test, the first thing that may come to mind is finding a care provider, either an OB or midwife, but do not let the ball stop rolling after you find one, there are many more professionals that can benefit you in your pregnancy and postpartum, that you can plan for, save up for, and be on the hunt for the best one in your area!

Professionals to Think About

Doula – A doula is a support person, that can help educate you and advocate for your birth desires, walk with you through pregnancy, loss, and serve you postpartum. Not all doulas are the same. You want a doula with a wide variety of training and knowledge, and a doula that is not afraid to speak up when a provider is acting out of line in accordance to your birth plan. You want a doula that is familiar with natural pain management techniques and can not only perform them correctly for your benefit, but teach your spouse, or other support people how to do so as well, until she arrives at your birth! Look for one with a back up, or several back ups and one that is in alignment with your views of birth. You want to flow with someone that is going to be in your most sacred space, not just tolerate them.

Chiropractor – A Chiropractor can help with SO many things in pregnancy. It is backed by science that seeing a chiropractor from prior to 25 weeks, through the rest of your pregnancy nearly eradicates your chance of having a breech or transverse baby by the time you are ready to deliver. Look for a chiropractor that specifically handles pregnancy, and is well-versed in the Webster technique. Even better if they have pregnancy-specific tables for your belly, so you do not have to get adjusted only on your side. This can help with SPD, Sciatica and more. Many chiros take insurance, as well.

Birth Photographer - A birth photographer can capture the beauty that is your birth, whether it is by cesarean or an unassisted birth, that raw moment of baby emerging from your body, through vagina or belly, into yours or your spouses hands, is something you will want to look at for the rest of your life, trust me!

Pelvic Floor Therapist – This is a type of physical therapist, that specializes in the pelvic floor muscles. They can help with prolapse, incontinence, painful sex, breaking up scar tissue from birth trauma, stitches, etc, and reduce or eliminate Diastasis Recti. They do this through specific exercises that support and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Many insurances cover PFT now!

CLC or IBCLC – These are lactation professionals that can aide you in breastfeeding, work through positioning and latch struggles, discuss lip/tongue ties and refer you to the proper pediatric dentists in your area to handle treatment! They may also run breastfeeding groups where you can gather with moms that are experienced or new breastfeeding mamas that you can learn from and make great connections with.

Birth Trauma Counselor – If you had a difficult birth, this is a must. They can help you open up about the trauma and take steps towards healing from it. Look for a counsellor that is trained in EDMR, which is a new and neat therapy to help those dealing with trauma, by reprocessing through the eye desensitization.

Nutritionist – Especially a nutritionist that is well versed in different varieties of diets, including allergen-free, Brewers, Weston A Price, etc, they may be extremely beneficial in making a meal plan for an expecting mama or a postpartum mama, that is struggling, due to some type of nutritional deficiency.

Do you have a professional that helped you, in pregnancy, or postpartum, that we left out? Please share!

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