We love supporting small businesses! Here are a few that we absolutely love! To promote your business here, please contact, no MLMs please, or we would have constant inquiries and we simply cannot choose between so many friends that have MLM businesses, though we support your work too!

Down To Earth Wild Foraged Products

Tangerine/Grapefruit Vitamin C Powder, Porcini Mushroom Powder, Wild Basil, Chicken of The Woods, $20 a bottle, includes shipping to anywhere in the US.

Contact for ordering or questions.

Due to Joshua and Taylors son’s recent diagnosis they have put orders for Down to Earth on hold for the time being. Thank you for understanding.


Herb Nerd LLC 

All sorts of amazing herbal products from Elderberry syrup, to essential oils to bulk loose leaf herbs, and more! You will be supporting a work at home mama, birthkeeper and alternative medicine/herb expert!


Wildflower Women’s Services Products 


Made by our very first student, Hope, her line includes a Postpartum Sitz Bath Blend with a satchel, a Perineum Spray, libido supplements and more! To contact, please follow this link to her page!


To order a Birthkeeper/Oxytocin shirt, please email and specify what size (XS-XXL), style (V-Neck, crew cut, long sleeve, sweatshirt), color, name and title you would like on the back. Shirts run from $12+ depending on the customization needed.


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