“NO” is a Complete Sentence Towards Your Birth Provider

Many women see their pregnancy/birth providers as a form of authority. They see them as higher ranking than themselves, the boss man, head honcho, big cheese, numero uno, whatever you want to call it. Many see their provider as an all knowing being. Someone that knows better than they do, themselves.

Many fear standing up for themselves in the presence of the white coat wearing humans. Some birthers do not feel comfortable disagreeing with or dealing with the confrontation of them disagreeing with their provider. So, instead of dealing with the confrontation/harrassment in their desired choice, they simply conform and comply, even if they truly do not agree.

This more easily allows the provider to practice a paternalistic approach in care. Essentially, resticting your freedoms and choices with fear and coersion.

Sisters, we need not act or think in this way. This is no time to be passive. This is where we are to reclaim our power and stand our ground!


We need to stand up for ourselves. We do NOT need to offer an explaination as to why we choose what we choose. You do NOT need to answer to your provider! As a matter of fact, THEY have to answer to you! If we take a step back and look at the full picture, WE hire them. They work for US, and will do as we desire and demand, or they are fired – to be frank 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you do not agree with something suggested by a provider, say NO. It is a complete sentence that need not be followed up with a reason why.

Take control of your pregnancy and birth! If a provider is incompetent to serve you the way YOU desire to be served, THANK YOU – NEXT that provider. Hire someone who respects your wishes or do it yourself.

Never settle. Always stand your ground.


Have you ever felt inferior to a provider? Have you stuggled with speaking up? I know I have in the past! Maybe you felt confident and stood up for yourself? Feel free to share your experiences!

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