Mentality Manifested in Pregnancy & Birth: How your Thoughts Impact Outcome

Mindset prior to conception, during pregnancy, and during labor is paramount. Our thoughts, both affirmations and doubts, do play a role in outcome. This is a part of the spiritual aspect in conception, pregnancy, and birth that many pay no mind to, or simply have no clue about. All of this will be covered in HERBAL’s newest course in the works, stay tuned…!

What if I told you your mindset could prevent your baby’s conception?
What if I told you that your thoughts could cause pregnancy complication?
What if I told you your deepest fears and concerns can literally be manifested to occur?

In both mom and baby, every cell responds to the messages we believe to be true. Because these cells operate at a subconscious level, they can only be impacted at a subconscious level. Think law of attraction. In other words, the thoughts held in our brain act as an internal command center for our body, as well as baby’s while they are in utero.

Those who have had a miscarriage, experienced medical/birth trauma, or struggled with other fertility complications may need help with emotional healing in order to carry out a healthy pregnancy/achieve their healing birth.

I’ve seen multiple women’s personal fears manifest into reality, just as they feared. They had the opportunity to replace their fears and concerns with knowledge and empowerment, but left the fear and self-doubt to manifest in the back of their mind. Some women will simply never rid their mind of fear and self-doubt because the previous damage was too significant. One great reason to avoid birth trauma in the first place, the best you can!

I always tell women to rid themselves of doubt and fear before laboring day, or prior to conception for those who are struggling while trying to conceive. Lack of knowledge and past trauma are the two primary causes of fear surrounding pregnancy and birth. More often than not, acquired knowledge will replace fear. Know that you can speak your desires into existence! Proclaim your outcome. Talk to your baby prior to conception, during pregnancy, and during labor! Tell them they are welcomed, they are healthy, that they are loved, and that all will be well when they arrive earth side. Manifest your pregnancy and birth!

Of course, things can go wrong even if you manifest nothing but positivity; nothing with pregnancy and birth is black and white. I am simply claiming it impacts outcome and is something to consider.

As the first article link below states, “Beliefs are like ‘Internal commands’ to the brain as to how to represent what is happening, when we congruently believe something to be true. In the absence of beliefs or inability to tap into them, people feel disempowered.”

Be educated and empowered. Manifest the healthy pregnancy and birth you desire. Your mind is a helpful steering wheel – keep your thoughts positive! To get started on reading the science behind manifestation, these are some great articles below.

The Biochemistry of Belief – NCBI
‘No Worries’ – Uppsala Universitet
The Influence of Women’s Fear, Attitudes, and Beliefs on Childbirth on Mode and Experience of Birth – NCBI

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