“I Don’t Need a Man”; Choosing to be a Single Mom By Choice

I recently attended a really special birth! (Honestly, they are all pretty special – but this one is a little different!) This mama went a route I didn’t even know was possible! I seriously meet and serve the COOLEST women! With this woman’s permission, I will be sharing about her route to motherhood.

Choosing Single Parenthood

She is my age- 26, healthy, single, and a mom to a 3 year old. Her 3 year old was conceived the same way as her recently born child (same donor as well)! She is what is referred to as a “Single Mom By Choice”. Also known as SMBC, “Solo Mum by Choice”, “Choice Moms”, and TBM “Turkey Baster Moms”. These are single women who choose to be a mother without a partner. I’ve heard of people getting sperm donated from a friend, or going to a lab, getting tests, being inseminated, etc. But I have never heard of one going the route this mama did!

Nitrogen tank mailed with the sperm!

This mom bought her sperm online through an online sperm bank. They mailed the sperm she chose to her house, along with a nitrogen tank! How neat?! You are able to look at the donor’s profile, hear their voice, read their medical history, and see their infant photos. Many of the sites require a doctor’s permission, I am told, though this site requires no such thing! Why would one need a doctor’s permission to have a baby when Jane, Mary, and Susan are able to get pregnant with their partner with no permission?! Here is the site she ordered from, Cryos International, if you might be interested: https://usa.cryosinternational.com/

The Journey into Single Motherhood

You would track your menstrual cycle using basal body temperature, charted cervical mucus, and ovulation tests to pin point ovulation– TOTALLY my jam, huge fertility nerd here! Once LH surge/ovulation is pin pointed, you would use the syringe to inseminate your own self! Rebecca, the mama who went this route, said she is willing to help anyone who reaches out to her learn more about tracking to pin point ovulation. I also created a video on ‘Fertility Tracking’ on my Facebook page.

20 MOT vial of donor sperm, bought online!

I think it is INSANELY empowering that she chose to be a mother and was like “I got this, I can do this myself, I don’t need a man! & while I’m at it, I’ll have an unassisted birth because I am THAT competent”. And competent she was as she brought her baby earth side all on her own. No coaching, no instruction, no rules, no equipment. She navigated her birth on her own, the same way she conceived her child. How STRONG and EMPOWERED of her?

WHEW! *shakes head in humbleness* These women are incredible, guys. I am kept humble.

Only moments after he was born, she reached to meet her baby for the first time.

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