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A common ‘WHOOPSIE’ that people see when they look at the title is “a FREE Birth Crash Course for $75?” Isn’t that a scam?

So let’s talk about what Free Birth means! Free Birth is also known as Unassisted Birth, with the Free representing being free from assistance and restrictions based around liability and licensing requirements and free from intervention unless it is needed (then a transfer is required, we aren’t THAT hardcore here, guys). So this is a course based around Free Birth, not a FREE course, just want to clear that up before we get talking more in-depth.

If you are considering an unassisted birth, it is critical that you are informed and receptive to your body, in order to birth safely, which is why we have made this course affordable for everyone.

As a disclaimer, we do not encourage you to stay home or take this course if your reasons for unassisted that do not come with genuine intentions. Drug use, doing it for pretty pictures, to be trendy, as an alternative to abortion by neglecting your baby to the point of death, etc are NOT valid reasons to have an unassisted birth and we do not promote that whatsoever and people that do these things are unfortunately the reason that free-birthers get a bad reputation. It IS possible to do it safely and with the best intentions, because it is not just about experience for you, but for your baby as well. The hospital is not an ideal setting for physiological birth, but it is necessary when there are emergencies to save yours or baby’s life, if it came down to a life or death situation.

Now that we have covered our bases there, let’s talk about what is featured in this course!

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