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So… you want to be a birthkeeper? But wait… what IS a birthkeeper?!?

A keeper of the sacred and spiritual energy that surrounds a woman’s innate and primal self as she enters a new step in motherhood, that can best be labelled as BIRTH.

A keeper of the rare knowledge that a woman IS capable.

A keeper of confidence, empowerment, rebellion, support.

How is that any different than a doula or a midwife?

Well, it should not be, ideally. A doula originally meant ‘female servant.’ A midwife meant ‘with woman.’ Unfortunately, society has greatly lost sight of what a traditional doula or midwife is, and has completely medicalized the midwifery and doula fields.

Though a doula is not intended to be medical whatsoever, many doula organizations do not allow their students to carry things as simple as essential oils or a homeopathy kit, items that are available at most local supermarkets, which are very clearly NOT medical. Many doulas are restricted from attending unassisted births, which were the history of how we came to be here today as mankind, honestly, so to restrict such a primal and beautiful occurrence, despite not acting medically, is preposterous.

A midwife now has boundaries on what types of birth she can attend, and if a woman passes beyond those restrictions set by the government, a midwife risks losing her license and even being faced with legal consequences. Some examples of women that may “risk out” of midwifery care are women whom have had multiple cesareans (despite the fact that a VBAC is proven safer than a repeat cesarean and risk of rupture is minimal), a woman carrying twins, a woman of “geriatric” age, a woman with more than 7 children, and there’s MORE! Some states vary in what is allowed and what is not, but bottom line, midwifery is not what it used to be, or is supposed to be. Some midwives are so medical, they are comparable to OBGYNs and it is insulting to traditional midwives that truly believe in women more than modern medicine.

So that’s where we come in. The rebels go by many names, birth worker, birth attendant, birth witness, but we prefer BIRTHKEEPERS.

Join us in creating a birth revolution, bring back the birth space that mothers are crying out for desperately. Help us educate, empower and evolve these women that are told they are broken before they even become mothers, and guide them towards blossoming into wise, resilient goddesses, that they always have been in their soul.

If you want a program that allows you to express yourself in your modalities, whether it be herbalism, nutrition, spiritualism or any other alternative therapy, that encourages you to support the mothers who have walked away from the system, that believes in physiological birth and will make an impact, choose HERBAL.

For $555, you gain lifetime access to our Birthkeeper training along with certification.

Feel free to email with questions, comments, compliments, we will take them all!

Thank you for your consideration, we hope you go HERBAL and we will see you soon!

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