Which is safer, Hospital or Home birth?

This morning, someone told me hospital birth was safer than birth at home.
I thought that was an interesting, yet scientifically unsupported, claim! As I am fully aware of the safety of home birth, I personally only had information on unassisted birth, so I began to look for credible studies with certified midwife assisted birth!

What I had found was incredible!
First, this article listed below shows that home birth is all around, a better option! The ones listed at the end follow in agreement.

Outcomes of Planned Home Birth with Registered Midwife versus Planned Hospital Birth with Midwife or Physician – NCBI

Planned home birth with a certified midwife vs. A planned hospital birth with a midwife vs. A planned hospital birth with a physician/OB

The most notable stats of babies born via planned home birth with a midwife in assistance:

  1. Lowest amount of perinatal deaths
  2. Lowest mortality rate over all
  3. Lowest chance of adverse maternal outcomes (postpartum hemorrhage and 3rd & 4th degree tears)
  4. Lowest rates of infection
  5. Lowest amount of intervention needed
  6. Lowest chance of pyrexia (fever)
  7. Lowest chance of birth trauma for both mom and baby
  8. Lowest cesarean rate
  9. Lowest need for resuscitation
  10. Lowest need for oxygen in their first 24 hours of life
  11. Highest maternal satisfaction

I mean, it speaks for itself! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here are a few other articles/studies 👇

Planned Home Birth: Benefits, Risks, and Opportunities – NCBI
Planned Hospital Birth versus Planned Home Birth – NCBI
New Studies Confirm Safety of Home Birth with Midwives – Midwives Alliance
Dueling Statistics: Is Out-of-Hospital Birth Safe? – NCBI

👆 This last one concludes that a Hospital birth is not safe for low risk pregnancy/birth. No kidding!

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