When your Doctor Chooses for you, They aren’t Choosing FOR you.


The practice of paternalism in the medical field is becoming more common. Where the patient is tricked into blindly trusting the doctor, because the doctor is believed to be the “educated professional”.

What many do not realize is the conflict of interest that comes with their medical suggestions. Convenience and revenue are two factors that play into a providers suggestions. For example, if a woman is 39 weeks pregnant, many prenatal medical doctors will suggest that she induces labor – at least offers it to her as an option to pick an induction date. Often times, for no medical need! Even more often, for silly reasons such as “baby is too big”, “fluid seems low”, or a slightly elevated blood pressure. Scenarios where the risk of induction outweighs the possible benefits.

Why though?

If they induce, they won’t be called in at random hours, in the early morning, on their day off, when mom would go into labor naturally. They could schedule labor to happen when they are scheduled to be at work! How convenient! But why aren’t the risks shared?

Providers are taught medicine and how to best benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Keep in mind, the pharmaceutical industry is where their schooling/learning materials come from! If people are truly healthy and well, the pharmaceutical industry isn’t making money.

Can you say “Conflict of Interest”?

They are taught how to use medicine in all situations to medicalize the birth process. They are also taught how to be passively coercive, making you think you have a choice without sharing risk. They are taught that the use of Pitocin is equal to the naturally occurring Oxytocin hormone (it is NOT), and that there isn’t significant risk in replacing the natural hormone with synthetic (there IS significant risk). Using these methods brings in revenue for the pharmaceutical companies and facilities (be it from insurance or government funding, money is still made). They are taught to use these means even though it is proven healthiest to leave the natural birth process alone to unfold naturally. Often times when a woman is induced, her body isn’t ready for labor. NO KIDDING! She then might run into complications such as poor fetal heart rate or poor blood pressure, then is rushed off for an emergency cesarean. Again, NO KIDDING. This, in turn, bringing in more revenue. All while the doctor is expecting praises of his heroic life saving choices! For cleaning up the medical mess THEY created. This is pretty textbook here in the US as well as many other countries.

It is important to make your own informed decisions regarding your birth and baby. You do not need a degree to research or make an educated decision. Never let a doctor coerce you into doing something that makes your instincts scream “NO!”. After all, when your doctor is choosing for you, they aren’t choosing FOR you. To believe your best interest is always at heart, is ignorant. Take this time to look up what the 3rd leading cause of death in the US is, look into iatrogenic care, then reconsider taking their advice!

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