The Fetal Stethoscope Experience

One of my favorite sounds is the fetal tone relayed through a fetal stethoscope. If you’ve never heard it, you should put it on your bucket list!


When many are pregnant, they look forward to hearing their baby’s heartbeat with a fetal doppler – That’s the thing nowadays. Although the doppler has a place, I personally do not think it is anything compared to a fetal stethoscope!

Dopplers aren’t proven safe. In fact, it is said they may be even more harmful than ultrasounds. The doppler also uses sound waves to relay a *delayed* version of baby’s heart tone, in a very washed up and obnoxious pounding, way. You aren’t hearing the heartbeat as it is occurring. Quite a disservice in quality.

When you listen to a baby’s tone with a fetal stethoscope, you hear the exact sound of baby’s heartbeat, at the exact second it is beating!. The same way they are currently hearing yours (or the pregnant mother’s). It is the truest sound of their beating heart. I think it is one of the most magical sounds, ever! 🤗


I enjoy watching others listen for fetal tone with a fetal stethoscope. It is a special moment, because no one else knows if they hear it or not…. until they smile. Usually, that is the sign they found the fetal tone and hear the undeniable, fast, “trotting horse”. The sound has always been something to make me smile, as well. 🙂

The fetal stethoscope usually does not start working until around 20 weeks gestation, some sooner, some will take longer. The coolest part? THEY ARE CHEAP! They are not expensive to buy, at all! $11.95 on Amazon 👉

*Pictured is my eldest son listening to his younger siblings placenta “swooshing”. Another really neat sound to hear as well, if your placenta is anterior!

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