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  • Questions To Ask A Potential Midwife

    Recently I have seen a rise in people claiming to be a home-birth midwife that are not trained or equipped to provide the services they offer – all across the US. This has resulted in multiple fetal deaths, maternal deaths/harm, and unnecessary birth trauma. These ‘midwives’ are something to shy away from – here is […]

  • How To Have A Gentle C-Section

    How To Have A Gentle C-Section

    When you picture a cesarean, what words come to mind first? Cold. Quiet. Bright. Scary. Scrubs. Scalpel. Shaky. Drugged Up. Curtain. No Skin to Skin. Sore. Inactive.  But wait! Ending up with a C-Section, whether by emergency or by choice, does not mean that you have to miss out on being an active participant in […]

  • The Birth Story Criticized Around The World

    The Birth Story Criticized Around The World

    Recently, photos of Megan have filled the social media world, especially from free birth skeptics and doula groups that do not approve of a doula stepping out of scope to fully support all women. But did we really get the full story from a blog post that absolutely trashes any birth that occurs outside of […]