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  • The Vaginal Canal & Cervical Anatomy

    Something most women never take a look at themselves, but possibly should! Can you tell what is what, by looking at this image? If not, keep reading, I will share! This is the vaginal canal being held open with a (clear) speculum. Let’s look to the very back! You see a circular looking object, right? […]

  • Perineal Tears, To Stitch Or Not To Stitch?

    Perineal Tears, To Stitch Or Not To Stitch?

    When it comes to discussing perineal tears, there seems to be so much misinformation, so let’s chat. First of all, we must touch on the fact that there a several different degrees of tears. An intact layout of the exterior genitalia, as a baby crowns. First degree Second degree Third degree Fourth degree WHY do […]