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  • How Your Struggles Can Make You A Better Birth Worker

    How Your Struggles Can Make You A Better Birth Worker

    In your life, even after becoming a birth worker, there will be hills, speed bumps, pot holes, and road blocks along the way. While we’re going through it, and it feels like we will never come out of it, or understand why it is happening to us, we can envision what this will do for […]

  • The Surrogacy Experience

    The Surrogacy Experience

    Surrogacy has really taken off recently. In the most popular surrogacy group on Facebook, there are over 13,000 members eagerly asking questions, commenting and either completing or beginning their surrogacy journey as an intended parent or as a surrogate, gestational or traditional. It seems more and more I see my timeline popping up with friends […]

  • LGBTQ+ Baby Making Options

    LGBTQ+ Baby Making Options

    This article is inspired by Tampa Bay Birth Network! You can find more information about the organization at their website: Tampa Bay Birth Network Some people view not being able to get pregnant while in an LGBT relationship as a positive thing. Natural birth control right?! We must reconsider our words, as some LGBT couples really […]

  • An Exclusive Pumper’s Experience, Twice Over

    An Exclusive Pumper’s Experience, Twice Over

    HERBAL is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I never planned to be an exclusively pumping mama; in fact, I wanted more than anything to nurse my first son. But, between the NICU, lip ties, an ignorant pediatrician, […]