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  • The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    For years I have had the privilege to bear witness to and support over 100 labor and births, majority of them successfully occurring naturally. The most special to me tend to be the unassisted, untouched, primal births. Until I gave birth to baby Micah I had never experienced that level of magic and power in […]

  • Why Your Partner’s Attendance and Participation at Birth is Crucial

    The partner’s role in labor and childbirth has changed drastically over the course of time. It used to be that men would not be around for labor or birth, they would go off and do their own thing while the woman birthed their child. But now, it has become the norm for the partner to […]

  • Embracing The Inevitable Morning Sickness

    HERBAL is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. …..or more appropriately referred to as round-the-clock, spontaneous pregnancy sickness, which can include indigestion, heartburn, nausea and/or vomiting. We know, we know, you are tired of hearing about Ginger tea […]

  • How To: Choose A Back-Up Doula

    How To: Choose A Back-Up Doula

    I always joke that you should be as picky with your Back-Up Doula/Business Partner, as you are about your Life Partner/Spouse and to not be afraid to date, take a break, break-up entirely, or stay together forever… LOL but honestly, that’s pretty valid! You want to seriously know their values, their experience, their comfort zone, […]

  • Hospital Birth Makes My Skin Crawl

    Hospital Birth Makes My Skin Crawl

    I love birth but some aspects of birth are very triggering to me, it literally makes my skin crawl.    I support women’s choice to birth wherever they feel most comfortable. The woods? I’m with that. Your house? Call me, I’ll show up! Birthing center? I support it, but you won’t be hiring me. The […]

  • What’s In The Doula Bag?!

    What’s In The Doula Bag?!

    This list can be used for not only birth workers, but birthing peoples may want to gather these items for themselves! The items I have marked as a rental means they are items doulas should not necessarily be using on a client, as doulas are not medical professionals, but they are items that most clients […]

  • When First Time Moms Choose Freebirth

    When First Time Moms Choose Freebirth

    Freebirth – the process of intentionally giving birth without the assistance of a medical birth attendant – the only kind of birth where you will find me. Recently, a first time mother ask that I support her choice. Unlike most births, this woman came to me, she birthed in my home. Her environment wasn’t ideal […]

  • Pitocin Is The New Episiotomy

    Pitocin Is The New Episiotomy

    If you were a fly on the wall on a Labor & Delivery floor, you would see a bag of Pitocin or Synthetic Oxytocin being hooked up to a majority of the IVs on the floor. For some, Pitocin is absolutely necessary to stop a serious hemorrhage, but why is it being used routinely for […]

  • Questions To Ask A Potential Midwife

    Recently I have seen a rise in people claiming to be a home-birth midwife that are not trained or equipped to provide the services they offer – all across the US. This has resulted in multiple fetal deaths, maternal deaths/harm, and unnecessary birth trauma. These ‘midwives’ are something to shy away from – here is […]

  • Why I will not Attend a Hospital Birth as a Birthkeeper

    One of my largest biases when it comes to birth is location. I am very biased on where a woman delivers her child – so much so, I refuse to attend births in a facility setting. I have no problem admitting this and speaking on why. I’m sure many of the main stream birth providers […]