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  • Pitocin Is The New Episiotomy

    Pitocin Is The New Episiotomy

    If you were a fly on the wall on a Labor & Delivery floor, you would see a bag of Pitocin or Synthetic Oxytocin being hooked up to a majority of the IVs on the floor. For some, Pitocin is absolutely necessary to stop a serious hemorrhage, but why is it being used routinely for […]

  • IATROGENIC CARE; Your Body did not Fail – The Medical Establishment Did

    IATROGENIC CARE; Your Body did not Fail – The Medical Establishment Did

    IATROGENIC : “induced inadvertently by a physician, surgeon, medical treatment, or diagnostic procedure. ” When a mother tells me about her previous complication during labor/delivery, I like to keep in mind that sometimes complications naturally arise. It’s an undeniable fact. More often than not though, these complications are induced by the provider; also an undeniable […]

  • Traumatic Births Impact Everyone

    Traumatic Births Impact Everyone

    When we talk about birth trauma, why do we look at the baby and say, “At least the baby is healthy.. You will be okay.”? Is the baby actually okay? Are the birth workers attending okay? What about mom’s partner? And is mom ever going to truly be okay after that experience? The answer is […]

  • When your Doctor Chooses for you, They aren’t Choosing FOR you.

    The practice of paternalism in the medical field is becoming more common. Where the patient is tricked into blindly trusting the doctor, because the doctor is believed to be the “educated professional”. What many do not realize is the conflict of interest that comes with their medical suggestions. Convenience and revenue are two factors that […]