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  • How To Have A Gentle C-Section

    How To Have A Gentle C-Section

    When you picture a cesarean, what words come to mind first? Cold. Quiet. Bright. Scary. Scrubs. Scalpel. Shaky. Drugged Up. Curtain. No Skin to Skin. Sore. Inactive.  But wait! Ending up with a C-Section, whether by emergency or by choice, does not mean that you have to miss out on being an active participant in […]

  • Racism in Maternal Care

    Racism in Maternal Care

    You’d think we are in a time where everyone would be treated equally. Those in a professional position would not complete their duties based on the ethnicity of a person – so we would think. If you look at the birth outcomes of each ethnicity, you will find that things are not equal. It is […]