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  • The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    For years I have had the privilege to bear witness to and support over 100 labor and births, majority of them successfully occurring naturally. The most special to me tend to be the unassisted, untouched, primal births. Until I gave birth to baby Micah I had never experienced that level of magic and power in […]

  • “I Don’t Need a Man”; Choosing to be a Single Mom By Choice

    I recently attended a really special birth! (Honestly, they are all pretty special – but this one is a little different!) This mama went a route I didn’t even know was possible! I seriously meet and serve the COOLEST women! With this woman’s permission, I will be sharing about her route to motherhood. Choosing Single […]

  • Which is safer, Hospital or Home birth?

    Which is safer, Hospital or Home birth?

    This morning, someone told me hospital birth was safer than birth at home. I thought that was an interesting, yet scientifically unsupported, claim! As I am fully aware of the safety of home birth, I personally only had information on unassisted birth, so I began to look for credible studies with certified midwife assisted birth! […]

  • Due Dates Calculated by the Moon

    🌜 MOON DUE DATE CALCULATOR 🌛 Did you know you can calculate your due date by the moon? The baby will be due appropriately 10 moons after the first day of her last monthly bleed. If her period started on a quarter moon, the baby will be due 10 quarter moons later. If her period […]

  • The Last Days of a Spirit Baby pregnancy

    The Last Days of a Spirit Baby pregnancy

    I’ve waited for this child since August of 2017, when they first came to me and stated I was their mother. We’ve conversed on multiple occasions, we know each other well. Baby is finally in utero – just about ready to arrive! The journey has been incredible – the end teaching me the greatest lessons […]

  • Is your Midwife there to serve YOU? – Questions to ask a Potential Midwife

    Is your Midwife there to serve YOU? – Questions to ask a Potential Midwife

    So you want to hire a homebirth midwife? That’s a great choice! There are many great midwives that serve women all across the world. They usually serve in a more natural-minded manner, and know more about physiological birth than their obstetric counterparts. When you go about hiring a midwife, it is important to be aware […]

  • Racism in Maternal Care

    Racism in Maternal Care

    You’d think we are in a time where everyone would be treated equally. Those in a professional position would not complete their duties based on the ethnicity of a person – so we would think. If you look at the birth outcomes of each ethnicity, you will find that things are not equal. It is […]

  • Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

    Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

    Sex is such a taboo topic in our society, isn’t it?? But… why?? If we were more open and proud about our sensuality and sexuality, perhaps we would be able to solve more issues such as painful sex, boring sex, or even, lack thereof. There are so many variables and subjects to discuss in sex, […]

  • 🌸 Fetal Ejection Reflex (FER)🌸

    🌸 Fetal Ejection Reflex (FER)🌸

    You know how when you watch movies, doctors will instruct a woman when to push while delivering her baby? Did you know that “pushing” usually isn’t even necessary during natural labor and birth? Instructed pushing can actually be harmful. Mother should be following her instincts, solely, instead of relying on others to tell her when […]