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  • Perineal Tears, To Stitch Or Not To Stitch?

    Perineal Tears, To Stitch Or Not To Stitch?

    When it comes to discussing perineal tears, there seems to be so much misinformation, so let’s chat. First of all, we must touch on the fact that there a several different degrees of tears. An intact layout of the exterior genitalia, as a baby crowns. First degree Second degree Third degree Fourth degree WHY do […]

  • When your Doctor Chooses for you, They aren’t Choosing FOR you.

    The practice of paternalism in the medical field is becoming more common. Where the patient is tricked into blindly trusting the doctor, because the doctor is believed to be the “educated professional”. What many do not realize is the conflict of interest that comes with their medical suggestions. Convenience and revenue are two factors that […]