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  • The Hormones Of The Placenta: Reasons To Consume Your Organ

    The Hormones Of The Placenta: Reasons To Consume Your Organ

    This is a breakdown of the amazing hormone components of the placenta and why you may want to consume them postpartum! Cortisol – Cortisol is a stress hormone and for that reason some would view cortisol as a negative, but it has positive benefits as well, especially in a new mama. Cortisol can reduce inflammation, […]

  • The Vaginal Canal & Cervical Anatomy

    Something most women never take a look at themselves, but possibly should! Can you tell what is what, by looking at this image? If not, keep reading, I will share! This is the vaginal canal being held open with a (clear) speculum. Let’s look to the very back! You see a circular looking object, right? […]

  • The Beast Of The Beauty Industry

    Not only does majority of the beauty industry promote toxicity by preying on women’s insecurities, but did you know many of the products themselves are full of toxic dyes, fragrances, emulsifiers and more? Wait, what exactly do we mean by “the beauty industry”? Specifically, we are referring to makeup, perfume, body gels, lotions, hair products, […]

  • Tubal Ligation: Risks, Reversals, Alternatives

    Tubal Ligation: Risks, Reversals, Alternatives

    It can be really frustrating for those of us that really want to end the path of motherhood revolving pregnancy, whether that be due to being overwhelmed, financial restrictions, health concerns, or something else. Your doctor may tell you it is such a simple procedure, with minimal scarring, and a small recovery window, but are […]

  • LGBTQ+ Baby Making Options

    LGBTQ+ Baby Making Options

    This article is inspired by Tampa Bay Birth Network! You can find more information about the organization at their website: Tampa Bay Birth Network Some people view not being able to get pregnant while in an LGBT relationship as a positive thing. Natural birth control right?! We must reconsider our words, as some LGBT couples really […]

  • Natural Fertility Boosters You Probably Haven’t Tried

    Natural Fertility Boosters You Probably Haven’t Tried

    HERBAL is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. When you are struggling to conceive, you will try just about everything to get you that BFP (that is, Big Fat Positive), but is what the doctors are recommending truly […]

  • Having TWO uteruses and cervixes – An Anatomy Anomaly

    Have you ever heard of someone being pregnant but never noticing because they still had a period? How about someone who was pregnant but conceived again while pregnant, carrying two babies? It is possible! There are many variables that could cause this to happen. Today, we are going to talk about a few variations of […]

  • Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

    Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

    Sex is such a taboo topic in our society, isn’t it?? But… why?? If we were more open and proud about our sensuality and sexuality, perhaps we would be able to solve more issues such as painful sex, boring sex, or even, lack thereof. There are so many variables and subjects to discuss in sex, […]

  • What Makes HERBAL Different From Other Doula Certification Programs

    What Makes HERBAL Different From Other Doula Certification Programs

    Doula certification organizations are not all the same! It is very important to be sure you know the morals and standards of a certifying program before purchasing. Be sure you can stand behind their beliefs! Many organizations have rules, obligations, additional fees, etc. Be informed before purchasing! Most all Doula & Birthkeeper certification programs will […]

  • Egg Donation: Risks For A Natural Mama

    You want to give back to society with the extra that you have, and make a little extra money, seems easy, right? There are many ads that pop up on Google, Facebook, the radio, and more, encouraging women to do a great service by donating their eggs and market the process as short and simple […]