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  • Supine Hypotensive Syndrome: An Epidural Blackout

    Supine Hypotensive Syndrome: An Epidural Blackout

    Imagine the horror as you welcome an epidural, relief, into your body after a long stretch of contractions (and having to hold a specific position for several minutes while the anesthesiologist placed a needle the size of your face into your spine), only to instantly start blacking out while you hear rapid, loud beeping in […]

  • When your Doctor Chooses for you, They aren’t Choosing FOR you.

    The practice of paternalism in the medical field is becoming more common. Where the patient is tricked into blindly trusting the doctor, because the doctor is believed to be the “educated professional”. What many do not realize is the conflict of interest that comes with their medical suggestions. Convenience and revenue are two factors that […]