Placenta Course

You’re in love with the existence, servitude, and sight of the Tree of Life, the cake of the womb, THE PLACENTA, but what do you do with it?


Well, many things, to answer your question!

This course is excellent for birth workers and mamas alike, whether you want to learn how to serve the community with placenta encapsulation & other placenta services, you want to know how to safely do your own, or you just love knowledge and want to learn more.

This course is $222 and certifies you as a Professional Placenta Specialist!

What is discussed in this training? That is important to know! We are translucent with the modules and information that we present to our students, we want you and others to know that you are certified through a safe and knowledgable company, that presents a plethora of information, preparing you for many scenarios and for success.

First, we dive into  Placenta Anatomy & Physiology. This discusses the in’s and out’s of how the placenta is formed, how it works, how it serves a baby, and what hormones and nutrients it carries that can serve you and your clients!


Next is, Biological & Cultural History of Placental Use, which explains what Placentophagia is, what other mammals do this, what have been uses and remedies of the placenta throughout history, and more.

Then, Placenta Encapsulation!  We go over all the need-to-knows for safely and professionally handling placenta encapsulation, both raw and TCM preparations, from start to finish, leaving you with every step of knowing exactly what to do, based on standards that we have developed in our career as professionals, and from other professional safety standards.

We also discuss and explain Other Placenta Consumables & Non-Consumptive Placenta Uses, which gives you other ideas for yourself and for clients, on how to consume the placenta, and how to put it to good use when you cannot, or just do not want to.


Finally, Professionalism in Placenta Work, the business end of placenta work is explored, as we consider contracts, business development, marketing and all the other commodities of being a placenta professional! 


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