Peer Lactation Counselor

A professional lactation course for those called to a career in empowering families through their breastfeeding relationship with their babies, that raises women up in their struggles, and cheers them on through their successes and holds space for every inch in between.

In this course, we start with a dive into the history of the war on breastfeeding, and how women have been consistently misinformed on breastfeeding, when breastfeeding got involved politically/industrially and where our statistics stand now.

Then, we get into the science of breastfeeding and the physiological amazing-ness of how the breast works in conjunction with the nursling to create an exquisite hormonal balance in the body, to deliver a unique milk rush to the infant, at every meal.

We go into the nitty gritty of issues with breastfeeding, possible solutions, norms and myths so you are equipped with substantial knowledge to help a mama in nearly every breastfeeding struggle that you may be called for, and if you cannot solve it by yourself, we can help direct you to the proper professional that can!

Nutrition is a key factor in health and though women with malnutrition can still breastfeed successfully, we prefer mamas to be knowledgable on their body’s nutritional needs and professionals like you can help facilitate that, through a balanced diet, supplements for mom, and herbal remedies that hold strong nutritional value.

We also are aware how important mental strength is during breastfeeding, especially in those low times, whether it be during the newborn phase, teething, nursing strikes, or being touched out! Learn about mental health, setting goals and breastfeeding affirmations.

Then, we have a whole section on Pumping! In this day and age, knowing about pumping as a lactation professional is essential, as so many women are doing it and there IS a proper way to pump and store that can substantially aide a mom’s pumping relationship.

We cannot deny that there are legit reasons why a mother cannot breastfeed, and discuss those reasons in depth in our course as well. We also discuss the reasons that some women believe they cannot breastfeed, and dispel those myths, or navigate how to make breastfeeding easier and more obtainable in those scenarios.

Did you know there are medicinal purposes, backed by research, for breastmilk?? We have those studies, too!

If you also want to learn all about donor milk, receiving and donating, you have found the right course!

And we cannot forget about partners and how important their support is in the breastfeeding relationship and beyond! Lets give thanks to those amazing partners!

Finally, we go into how to build a successful foundation for a professional lactation business and opportunities to further your education!

We hope you join us in spreading breastfeeding education, and we will not LET you DOWN, pun intended!

This course does come with certification for the title: ‘Peer Lactation Counselor’ (this course does not certify you as a CLC or IBCLC, though, we are working towards accreditation for CLC hours, or post-secondary curriculum to apply towards CLC exams!)

To sign up, please follow this link:

This course is $333!

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