Orgasmic Energy Sacrifice Manifestation


I never once thought I’d share about this. It is not your average topic and a bit left field. If you do not agree, just keep it moving! 

Everything in the universe revolves around energy! The universe will take your sacrificed energy and turn it into what you are requesting in your manifestation. Orgasms hold high energy content, they are powerful! You can use this energy to bring forth your desires.  

There are many ways one can go about an orgasm sacrifice. You can complete it with a partner, a friend, or alone! You can manifest anything your heart desires! I’d warn against manifesting ‘ill will’ towards another, though. That can be extremely harmful and come back to harm you and/or your family. It will likely work, your wishes will manifest, but you will reap consequences regardless of the boundaries in place. I’ve seen this first hand, I do not suggest. Positivity only! 

So, how does one complete an orgasmic sacrifice? Great question! Prior to beginning, you would set intentions. Whatever you are looking to manifest, you state those intentions. You also want to include a clause of boundaries. This is to limit what can be taken from you/inflicted on you. You would speak your intentions, state your boundaries, then begin! Here is an example for manifesting a child: 

“I am offering this orgasmic energy to the universe in exchange for the conception, healthy growth, and birth of my desired child. Nothing else can be taken from me, my family, or anyone involved. No illness or ailment inflicted on the desired child or those involved. Only the granting of my desired child.”  

Then you would work for your orgasm, offering the energy! Thinking/speaking of what you are manifesting during your endeavors. You can do this with a partner if they are on the same page with it, if they are not, you can do it alone. It will still be effective completing it alone. Personally, my husband was not with it, so I did it on my own!  You can also use crystals and crystal grids for this, I know many do! I incorporated fertility crystals into mine along with clear quartz (strengthens any stone in its presence). They were all laid out around me, I did not set up a grid for my own sacrifice. You may notice an overwhelming feeling when the sacrifice is occurring. If you are spiritually in tune, you may feel a spiritual presence. Everyone is a bit different! 

If this resonates, feel free to try it! You can manifest anything your heart desires, a new home, income, a child, etc. You can even manifest positive things for others! I tried to find links better explaining, I couldn’t find a single one. If you know of an article explaining, please feel free to share in the comments for others!

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