Intuition Knows BEST in Labor & Birth

The greatest navigtor through labor is your intuition. This is your tour guide, from beginning to end; relaying all that you need to know, every step of the way.


Our body and intuition, when undisturbed, is what we should be relying on in labor, and during child birth. Even in assisted birth, we should be looking for the answers within ourselves, not waiting to be governed by another human. Regardless of their qualifications and years of study or practice, they do not, cannot, and will not, know your body like you do. Providers do not have magical powers to feel how your body is feeling. In most situations, you will know best.

Often in assisted birth, the person who is laboring looks to the provider for answers. They rely on the provider to tell them if something is wrong, and correct the complication at hand. The issue with this is that not everything comes with a visible sign at first.

There have been multiple cases where the birther felt something was wrong, ignored their intuition, and ended up losing their baby. All because they were waiting for a provider to state that something was wrong. They knew all along something wasn’t right. They trusted their provider more than there own body.

When you are in labor and you feel something is wrong, speak up! Do not wait for your provider to catch on. They are only human. They cannot feel how you feel, or sense your intuition. They do not hold the knowledge to your body – YOU do. Speak up for you and your baby. Cause a scene, make them listen to your concerns. Real issues arise when we ignore our intuition or replace it with provider suggestion/judgement. Listen to your body and intuition. Let this be your primary source of navigation through your labor and birth.


During my freebirths, I found that my intuition was what kept me confident and at peace. When I would question, I would tune into my intuition and do as I felt led. Have you gotten a clear message from your intuition during labor? Please share, if you have!

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