Healing A Prolapse – Unassisted

How I healed my uterine and bladder prolapse – all by myself!

After my most recent miscarriage, at 18 weeks gestation, I did not rest or take time for self-care. I was in the car less than 12 hours later for my toddler, and on a plane the next day traveling for business. Not to mention just a week later, I was in court, defending the fact that my baby died almost halfway through pregnancy, not due to negligence but because sometimes, those things just happen, sadly.

Amidst all the chaos, the weight on my body, emotionally and physically, must have been too much for my muscles to handle, and I started to feel a heaviness in my vagina. I reached up to feel after going to the bathroom, and I felt my cervix FOR SURE. Firm, like the tip of the nose with an teeny hole, smaller than the tip of your pinky. I began having trouble peeing unless I pressed firmly on my perineum and I was constipated.

I tried to set up an appointment with a pelvic medicine doctor/Urogynecologist but even after following up three times, they never called me back to set up the appointment, so I felt like the responsibility was mine.

I started a regimen of pelvic floor exercises and would do them 2-3 times a day. The first set before I got out of bed in the morning, the second mid day before or after lunch, and the third at the end of the day when I was laying down to go to sleep.

I did the following exercises, some of them that I actually learned from a pelvic floor therapist after I birthed surrogate twins in 2018. Ideally, do these exercises on a flat surface, with a pillow under your bum at first, and as your muscles grow stronger, you can do them without a pillow.

Forward Leaning Inversions – so easy a four year old can do it. Place your hands on the ground, put your feet on the edge of the bed or couch and lean forward, take gravity, weight and pressure OFF of your pelvis! This is also an excellent trick for helping with prodromal labor, cervical swelling, and more during birth. Always do this for at least 5-10 seconds before starting pelvic floor exercises. The below video is an example of Diaphramatic Breathing.

I began taking the following herbs and supplements to increase uterine and muscle tone/strength. (You can click the words to link to the products I use!)


Chocolate Bone Broth

Witch Hazel – applied with peri bottle to perineum and vulva area for any swelling/inflammation associated with prolapse, an organic tampon saturated with witch hazel can be inserted as well

Dong Quai

Black Cohosh

Blue Cohosh


High-Dose Liposomal Vitamin C

Cayenne Tincture

I also orgasmed AT LEAST once daily, this stimulates uterine contraction and builds tone. Having sex always raises the depth of the vaginal canal, pushing the prolapse back if it is a level one or two, and stimulates oxytocin, which makes the uterus contract, even without orgasm.

Massage your abdomen with warm castor oil. Practicing the style of Mayan Fertility Massage is the best practice, in my opinion.

Practice yoni steaming! Motherwort, Rose, Chamomile, Cohosh, Himalayan Sea Salt, Comfrey, Echinacea and Yarrow are some of my favorites for yoni steaming.

I also used a yoni egg on a daily basis! Rose Quartz can be a very healing selection for a Yoni Egg style if emotional build up is leading to heaviness in your uterus, which may lead to prolapse, our mind-body-soul connection as human beings, is incredible. Release any built up, repressed emotions through therapy or meditation.

I noticed an immediate difference after the first day of following this regimen! I noticed full recovery and comfort about a week in, and I will continue these practices on a daily basis to be consistent and keep my pelvic floor muscles STRONG.

I found that taking the weight of my large booty, off my pelvis, helped a lot too, while I was trying to recover. My butt is the largest part of my body, so I definitely felt like it was adding weight onto my pelvis, muscles, and organs, so I wore very supportive underwear and still try to do so.

I lay with a pillow under my butt, and between my thighs every night, now, as it helps keep weight off my pelvis, and alignment in my body, while I sleep.

When you get up in the morning, do not do a sit up immediately when you rise, this puts strain on your abdominal muscles, instead, choose to roll to the side until your feet are able to touch the floor, sit up and do a nice butterfly stretch once you have sat up, before getting off the bed and standing, this opens up your pelvis to support your body’s weight.

When you lift heavy items, lift with your legs, not your back and abdomen, this supports your core muscles, as well.

This regimen is not just beneficial for those with prolapse either. If you have pain during sex, incontinence, abdominal separation (diastasis recti), having recurrent miscarriages, just had a baby, or anything else related to your womb space and related surrounding muscles and organs, give it a try!

Also, it goes without saying I feel, but just in case, this does not replace the fact that self care is so important postpartum. Please rest and do not overstrain yourself so you can hopefully avoid the issue of prolapse all together. This was luckily a very easy process for me, but for some, it becomes an issue for months, or years and you may need further assistance from a provider.

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