Healing Foods, Supplements & Therapies For Cancer


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On a daily basis, people reach out to me, knowing how my son’s health was improving tremendously in mine and my husband’s care, despite a diagnosis of cancer, and immediate initiation of chemotherapy. Noah was found to be blast-free a mere three days after his first day of Induction Phase for his ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). I have compiled this list in response to those that need it all condensed into one space, so that they know what to start if their loved ones, or themselves, are diagnosed with cancer.

**Keep in mind that there are no guarantees that any of these additional supplements and such will work exclusively, counteract, or cooperate with modern medical treatments for cancer, just like there is no guarantee that modern medical treatments will work, either. This is simply an anecdotal guide, with perhaps some studies alongside, on what helped our little boy and many others. We at HERBAL do not take responsibility for the positive or negative result of utilizing any of these, and you shall do so at your own discretion**

Treating Cancer in the Modern World

Our cancer rates in the United States are astonishing, and unacceptable, to say the least. One of the most developed countries, yet our cancer rates are one of the worst in the world. One in TWO men will face cancer in their lifetime, while one in THREE women will face cancer in theirs, and unfortunately, children are not exceptions to that statistic.

Mindset is everything. For kids, this is generally easy, but for adults, hearing a terminal illness for yourself or a loved one can be devastating and detrimental to emotional and mental stability. Visualizations, affirmations, and goals are critical in cancer treatment, whether you are a parent, friend, relative, or the patient. Create a vision board, SEE the patient coming out of treatment alive and well, speak and radiate positivity to the patient. Stress plays a huge role in relapse and death of cancer patients, REDUCE the stressors. Motivation does not guarantee success of treatment, but it sure does help to have the mind fixated on healing, rather than hurting. For kids, their motivation is their parent’s positivity and comfort. Using music therapy, color therapy, positive mirror reflection therapy, and reiki are all great ways to enhance the mindset of a patient.

Next step, NUTRITION. If you are not already educated on nutrition, hop on the Organic Whole Food express, because it’s time to gear up with fruits and veggies. Many oncologists will tell you, “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie,” but WAIT, is it really?? Nope. The research on intermittent fasting in regards to resetting the body shows us that we do not necessarily need to shove food down our throat to meet a caloric value daily, BUT what we do need to be doing is giving our body healthy, restorative and pure foods when we are eating. There is a controversy though on what style diet is best during cancer treatment. On one end, a raw vegan diet is very cleansing AND alkaline (what we ultimately chose for Noah), but at the same time a heavy-veggie-based style keto is restorative, so I think there is a balance in how we eat and what our body tells us to eat. Regardless, there should be at least natural-made fats, fruits, veggies, and protein in ones diet, hopefully every day! DROP the PROCESSED garbage, McDonalds, frozen foods, etc are not in the patient’s best interest, period. They contain chemicals, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, loads of sugar and sodium, and more.

Noah’s diet at the hospital consisted of bananas (he would eat at least 5 a day, at will), tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, green smoothies, hard-boiled egg whites, salads, juices, and more, just to give you an idea.

Now, here are a list of the supplements and vitamins we provided:

Breastmilk (we provided as much as he would drink, and sometimes we had to mix it in things, especially if it was higher lipase milk, newborn colostrum is IDEAL)

Rosemary (if you do not have access to fresh rosemary, we recommend obtaining some of the herb in it’s full glory, and making a tea, oil, or tincture of it: Organic Rosemary Dry Herb

Vitamin B Complex (For kids, break open the capsule and put into yogurt, or smoothies)

B17 or Amygdalin (Raw Bitter Apricot Seeds) 

High Dose Liposomal Vitamin C

Collodial Silver

Grapefruit Seed Extract (We made our own, as my husband Joshua picks wild grapefruit, but if you do not have access to wild, organic grapefruits near you, you can use this brand)

Grassfed Collagen & Bone Broth (of course, if your child will drink regular bone broth, that is even better!!!)

Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps Mushroom Tea or Tincture (we used both interchangeably)

Black Walnut & Wormwood Tincture

Vitamin D3 & K2 Tincture

GoYin by Genesis

Cleanse Tincture by Genesis

L-Lysine Powder

Pau D’Arco Herb

Digestive Herbal Extract (Yellowdock, Burdock, Dandelion, Nettle, Milk Thistle, Cleavers Herb, Bayberry Root, Bupleurum Root, Turmeric, Asparagus, and Schizandra Berry)


CBD Oil (later on, we would obtain a Medical Marijuana license for him, but he has not yet received more than two doses, so we will revisit this subject later, but we highly recommend patients obtaining an MMJ license), we love the Provida brand!

Probiotic for gut healing/immunity

Flax seed oil

Allimed (Garlic Allicin Extract, strongest antibiotic in nature)


Oxygen drops (to add to water)





MSM (Sulfur)

Lemon Water, Coconut Water, Alkaline Water exclusively (NO TAP WATER)

There are more supplements that people are finding every day that are helping, and there are way more than I can list, but this is what was used for Noah, specifically. If you had something that you know worked for you or someone else, please comment below so others can view as well!

We could not do detox baths with his PICC line in, and many patients will also have a port placement or PICC line, in the beginning stages of treatment, so be mindful that while detox baths are amazing once they can be provided, they are not always possible right away.



Magnesium oil

Dry brushing

Castor Oil Packs (apply oil, then apply heating pad to needed area)

Essential Oils (applied and diffused): Defenseshield, Lemon, Grapefruit, Tea Tree, Oregano, Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon, Sandalwood

Next, once the patient is up for it, GET OUTSIDE as much as possible. Be mindful, some of the chemotherapy drugs can make one extra sensitive to light, so if they say they are really hot, or that they feel like they are burning, listen to them and get them back inside and try again in small intervals throughout the day. Vitamin D is a major cancer-killing, and body-restoring component.

Other therapies that can be utilized that we did not get a chance to use with Noah, but intended to: 

Intravenous Nutrition

Thermal/Infrared Sauna & Cryotherapy (Hot N Cold)

Salt Room Sessions

Lymphatic Massage

Oxygen Therapy (Hyperbaric Chambers)

Chelation (EDTA)

Essiac Tea

Rebounding (Jumping Exercise that stimulates blood flow)

Gerson Therapy Style Juices (we got to do a couple, but wanted to continue daily in addition to healthy foods)

**Some folks like to incorporate coffee enemas and IV Hydrogen Peroxide in their protocol, we would not have done that for Noah due to his age, but it is something I would like to add as a potential benefit to others**

Final Thoughts

This list of things can be impeccably overwhelming and certainly expensive, but can become fairly easy once the patient establishes a schedule and routine of how to incorporate these things all together. Speak with the patient or consult with a physician that is open-minded, and decide what is best for you.

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    Hello, my son was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. We have no rights any longer. Can you please share some advice on what we should do to protect him?

  2. Hi! Try neem powder. Wishing you all the best.

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