Have a Birth You Desire to Share About!

Once upon a time, I experienced a birth I had zero desire to talk about. 2, actually. Yep, that’s me in the photo. Looking all disappointed, after my 2nd hospital birth, with an unnecessary cuff on my arm. It wasn’t a traumatic birth (at the time)! I wasn’t raped or abused. There were very little interventions, because I was wheeled in, and birthed immediately. It wasn’t terrible, at all!

….It surely as all hell wasn’t empowering, though.

This is why I speak.


I wish someone told me sooner! I could actually obtain POWER in aquiring knowledge and taking control of my birthing experience . Who knew? Not me – that’s who.

You can have a birth that you can’t help but DESIRE to share about! Your birth can be empowering and healing……EVEN IN A HOSPITAL.

[Did she really say that?! 😳😯🤢🤯😵🧐]

Yes, I said it. Even in a hospital you can have a birth experience that leaves you feeling empowered and excited to share about it!

👉When YOU call the shots and stand your ground. Obtaining the birth you desired!

👉When YOU decline the epidural & pitocin the providers have suggested, because you previously researched and learned that they were harmful to you, baby, and your postpartum outcome.

👉When you decline the interventions they suggest, or accept them in autonomy! You researched and know best!

You can have an empowering birth in a facility, and not be able to shut up about it!!! Research, to be sure that you DO. Research every intervention possible. Decide what you will allow in advance, put all of this in your birth plan. When you get there – STAND YOUR GROUND. Don’t conform, in “white coat” fear. Call the shots, feel empowered in all choices!


I find that those who wish not share their stories, hold regret or trauma from their birth. Things they are maybe embarrassed to share about. Maybe afraid that others will not approve of? Regardless, they aren’t confident to share. It should not be this way. This hurts my heart!! 😭

Many of those who reach out, reveal this struggle with me. This is something one can overcome, though! Most find healing when they talk about, and come to terms with, what truly occured on birthing day. Then dicussing how they would do better if there were another pregnancy!

Don’t bluff either! If your experience was subpar, or you feel regret – SHARE that. Share so others can avoid the mistakes you made. Educate them on how they can do better!
Bluffs are noticed, regardless.

Research EVERYTHING, call the shots in your birth, and take that power home with you!! Be sure your birth experience is something you desire to share about! Set yourself up for success! 🙌

*Just adding a disclaimer that I would not personally urge most birthing persons to birth in any hospital or birth center. Last resorts, IMO.

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