Energy in Birth Space

If you were unaware, energy and presence plays an impact on your birth and outcome.


Those in your space should all be in support and at peace with your birth choice. No one standing around should be fearful or afraid. Their energy radiates, whether you feel it or not. This can impede on your birth and impact the outcome.

Having multiple people in a room, giving off their energy can also be harmful to you. Their watchful eyes can hinder and delay your birth. Their words can leave you doubtful. This all impacts your catecholamines- no bueno! We NEED our catecholamines to work correctly at this time!

Privacy is the safest way to protect the energy in your birth space. Keep the audience to a minimum. After all, you aren’t a circus act.


Did you know that being surrounding by others during labor (especially strangers in a captive setting) can poorly impact your birth outcome? The link below discuses why privacy in labor is a crucial component of labor and birth:
☝️ Great read supporting physiological birth, right there!

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