Connecting With Your Spirit Baby

Have you ever had a little soul reach out to you in your most quiet moments, to make you aware of their presence? Maybe you are trying to conceive, or maybe you are not at all, and that little whisper keeps popping up, when they want to, to assure you that they know your next steps in motherhood, long before you do.

This course will discuss how to gently and safely connect with your spirit baby. In no way do we advocate for black magic or any of the likes, but we realize that spirits are real, and the option to communicate with your spirit baby, whether they were lost from your womb, or are yet to come, is absolutely possible.

Desirae will dive in to discuss how her fourth baby first reached out to her, and what it was like to birth her spirit baby. Taylor will share her emotional and confusing journey with both her spirit babies, one that is earthside for four years now, and one that has yet to make an appearance in physical form.

Course coming soon, stay tuned!

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