A Truly Traditional Midwifery Course

Ancestral Midwifery Cohort 2022

We would love to walk on your soul’s journey with you

HERBAL has birthed one of our proudest creations this year, and what an epic birth it was. With power, intuition, and creativity, we bring you the Traditional Midwifery Course that will truly change how you view yourself, birth, life, death, and your life’s path.

We pride ourselves on offering a deep, soul-warming connection with our students. This means many opportunities to speak to the founders and creators of the rich content of this traditional midwifery course, one-on-one, regularly.

You will also be surrounded by an army of warriors alongside you. That’s what makes this a cohort afterall! 

We will hold space regularly for our traditional midwifery course students to conference and share where they are at on their walks, for a chance to share knowledge, heartache, and joys, to ask questions to gain further insight and to peer review.

Paced, detailed, and thoughtful modules will gracefully see you through the hardships of learning, developing self-motivation, and absorbing content.

While we understand the urgency and desire to know and obtain all you must know to attend, take faith in that greatness does not come in a vending machine, but with profound understanding and respect for the process. Not just the process of birth itself, but for the process of birthing this extraordinary midwife within you.

We seek those that feel the calling of traditional midwifery in their bones. Those unafraid to stand up and put a middle finger up to licensure, state regulation, and are absolutely unwilling to negotiate women’s birth spaces and wombs with the government.

HERBAL has always represented the rebels, the thick-skinned, the free-thinkers, and the opinionated. Now, more than ever, your birth communities are aching for your hands, heart, and headstrong attitude.

We don’t do half-assed, watered-down, servitude around here. Prepare to meet the renegade Midwife within yourself when you walk the path to ancestral midwifery with HERBAL.

In these two years of study and mentorship, you will grow, strengthen, fall apart, fall in love, and learn so much more than you can imagine.

We have poured every ounce of us into this traditional midwifery course and we cannot wait for you to soak it all in. 

So, are you in, or what?!

Stay tuned! Our first cohort launches December 2022!

Pricing Structure: 

First Year – $4,000

Second Year – $4,000

You can opt to pay just one year at a time, or if you know you definitely want to pursue both years and complete our full program, to include a Certificate of Completion for your training, you can pay both years in full at the discounted rate of $6,500.

If these prices are out of your means, we offer scholarships!

Scholarship availability is limited so if you need one, please apply within ASAP.

If you miss the opportunity to obtain a scholarship for this year’s go-round, be sure to stay tuned, as they will reopen Fall 2023! In the mean time, be sure to check into our Birthkeeper Training as an excellent precursor to autonomous birth work.

Our application for enrollment must be completed in full whether applying for one or both years, and for both scholarship and paid in full applicants.

Payment plans available to apply to future years only. Commit to your training one year in advanced and keep your budget on track, with monthly options as low as $350 a month, so your 2023 enrollment can be considered paid in full by the time our 2023 enrollment class rolls around.

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