Certification Requirements

For our certifying courses, aka Doula & Birthkeeper, Placenta Preparation Specialist and the Peer Lactation Counselor courses, there are certification requirements, which are as follows:

Submission of Final Exam to our email, herbalbirthkeeping@gmail.com

Completion of Final Project (select from the choices available on the Teachable platform for the individual course you are enrolled in) and submission to our email

Your certificate will be formally mailed to you, stamped, signed, and sealed by our co-founders, within 60 days of submission.

There are NO re-certification fees or expiration dates on your certificates, ever! After the initial fee, that is absolutely all that is required from you, payment wise.

We cannot wait to certify YOU, next!

Are you ready to become a CERTIFIED DOULA & BIRTHKEEPER_ What are you waiting for_ SIGN UP TODAY!.png

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