Birthkeeper/Doula Training in Baltimore, MD

As a growing number of families are actively seeking out doulas to attend their births, a huge opportunity for employment opens up to many. And, while more and more doulas are just beginning their journey on this remarkable career path, they seek mentorship, community, and hands-on training.

On August 3, 2019, only in Baltimore Maryland, HERBAL is offering and exclusive hands-on doula training opportunity! With a unique and personal touch, HERBAL is providing a training unlike any other!

During this training, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • The Physiologics of Childbirth – Discuss the varying hormones and natural chemicals in the body, and how they play a role in birth, what disrupts them and how you can orientate your birth or birth support to gear towards the physiological birth process.
  • Herbalism for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum (Make your own tincture, sitz bath, yoni steam, etc)
  • Nutrition – Discuss how nutrition impacts fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, how you can relay this to your clients and how to help families build meal plans (and learn how to eat healthy yourself!)
  • Placenta 101 (WE DO OUR BEST TO FEATURE REAL PLACENTAS SO YOU CAN EXPLORE THEM – If you would like to donate one or know someone who would, please us our Contact page to discuss how this would work!) Discussing anatomy, physiology, hormones, anecdotal benefits, safety and sanitation, variations, complications, encapsulation, other methods of consumption and non-consumptive methods.
  • Birth Scenarios – Role play different birth settings, practice handling a range of emotions, complaints (non-medical) and discussing options with your clients, with our birth scenarios. Includes bereavement/loss, adoption, surrogacy, planned cesarean, change of birth plan due to emergency, precipitous birth, prolonged labor, hospital interventions that may arise, birth center roles, home birth roles and unassisted birth roles, and how to protect yourself and act professional in every setting.
  • Natural Pain Management Techniques – Learn how to best support yourself or your clients through labor with inexpensive pain relief options, including JUST YOUR HANDS. Discusses an array of rebozo techniques, counter pressure, position practice, reflexology, and more.

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