Autonomy; When it Conflicts with the Birth Worker

I am 100% for autonomy. Mama should have choice in outcome. All of her choices should be educated and be – HERS.

Recently, I had a client that decided to drop me and chose an elective cesarean. Huge gap, ain’t? Unassisted birth to elective cesarean.

This taught me a great deal and God, am I blessed to have crossed paths with her. Obviously, I am very pro unassisted birth. I do not agree with surgical removal of a human unless absolutely necessary. I recently had a mama who originally desired an unassisted, VBAC birth. She later chose to have an elective cesarean. Successful, nonetheless! It just left me to reflect.

I do not understand how one could elect this choice. I do not understand why one would agree to the risks – but this was her choice. She had her baby, elective cesarean yesterday – This is autonomy.

This is what I preach.

I feel she deserved autonomy, regardless of what her choice was. This has never happened to me, before. I never once had a mama go from Unassisted birth to elective cesarean – but it happened. It taught me a great deal.

I cannot empower women who do not desire empowerment.
I cannot educate women on the risks of a consecutive cesarean if they do not care to know.
I cannot force a woman to know her capability, if she does not care.
I cannot force her to see her ability and power. If she does not see it and chooses otherwise, I must accept and move forward.

This was hard for me. Accepting chosen autonomy was hard for me. I question why she felt doubt? Were there fears she never mentioned? Did I do something wrong? Did I not cover a base that should have been?

No. She simply made a choice. She was not ready to embark on a VBAC birth. Although hard for me to accept, this is reality. This is what she chose in autonomy.

I grew a GREAT deal in this experience, I am so thankful to have crossed paths, and thought I’d share.

I support autonomy, in full, even if I do not agree with your choice. I support you!

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