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  • Other Places To Prick Rather Than Your Finger

    In pregnancy, there can be some cases where a blood prick is regularly required. This is typically for monitoring glucose levels, or iron levels, and some now do it for gender reveal results! We wanted to share that there are other places you can prick, besides your finger, because we know it can be a […]

  • Does How You Birth Impact Connection?

    Does how you birth impact connection?    For me, personally, the answer is a firm YES, absolutely.    I deeply love both my beautiful, earthside boys. But my ability to connect, bond, pick up on cues and respond to my youngests needs versus my firsts, were a night and day difference. My postpartum experiences were […]

  • Partnerships in Birth Work

    Legal partnerships in birth work – It’s a common idea for those just getting into birth work, I have seen. Many feel more comfortable linking up and connecting with like-minded, local birth workers and attending together. A handful of students have recently asked for my thoughts on legal partnership LLCs/businesses pertaining to birth work/attending, and […]

  • Tips For First Time Moms

    Tips For First Time Moms

    When our first babies are born, we meet our maternal instinct for the very first time, and sometimes it is potent. It’s such a beautiful thing, us wanting to do our very best and keep our babies safe. But sometimes it leads to so much anxiety, we aren’t even enjoying motherhood, our support system, and […]

  • The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    The Unassisted Birth Story Of Micah

    For years I have had the privilege to bear witness to and support over 100 labor and births, majority of them successfully occurring naturally. The most special to me tend to be the unassisted, untouched, primal births. Until I gave birth to baby Micah I had never experienced that level of magic and power in […]

  • The Hormones Of The Placenta: Reasons To Consume Your Organ

    The Hormones Of The Placenta: Reasons To Consume Your Organ

    This is a breakdown of the amazing hormone components of the placenta and why you may want to consume them postpartum! Cortisol – Cortisol is a stress hormone and for that reason some would view cortisol as a negative, but it has positive benefits as well, especially in a new mama. Cortisol can reduce inflammation, […]

  • Home Birth Emergency- Mother and Birth Attendant Teamwork

    I had a client that asked that we share on her birth experience together. She wanted to share her story, then have me share my perspective. The goal was to share on what home birth in an emergency looks like, while revealing that it often can be addressed in-home. Covering the teamwork between mother and […]

  • Is The Foot Prick PKU The Right Choice For You?

    This is an often routine, and sometimes mandatory test for newborns, in some states! However, most providers don’t really give informed consent for this test as they should be doing. It’s always good to know stats, benefits and risks to make an informed decision, especially if you are an unassisted birther that is seeking out […]

  • How To: Travel For Births

    How To: Travel For Births

    Traveling for births, as a birth professional can be extremely fun and exhilarating while also, entirely stressful, so you have to make sure to set your prices fairly for yourself, prepare your travel plans and make back-up plans for your travel plans, because things usually do not go as planned! First, make sure your travel […]

  • Yoni Steaming; Pussy Pampering

    Yoni Steaming; Pussy Pampering

    1. Add desired herbs to a large, organic, disposable, tea bag. 2. Boil water to place the tea bag in, allowing it to steep, and get darker in color. Pressing on the bag while boiling, to expel nutrients. 3. Take the pot off of the stove, place the pot inside of a yoni steam chair, […]