Assisted Birth Options

Are you pursuing a birth in any of the following settings?


Birth Center

Home WITH A Midwife

Then, this is definitely the course that is calling you!

In this course, we will:

Brief you on the history of assisted birth and why certain interventions exist

How to have a healthy, nutritious, positive pregnancy

The in’s and out’s of the hormones and physiological process of BIRTH

Advise several different pain management techniques, both medical and natural techniques

Discuss your induction options if faced with the need to induce

Help you pick the best provider for your birth, with sample questions to ask to see if they are the right fit, and explain the difference between the different providers

Work with you to compile your DREAM BIRTH TEAM! Learn what this means and who else would be beneficial with their presence other than your partner, and provider

Break down the different interventions and general process involved in each specific setting, whether you are birthing in the hospital, birth center, or at home with a midwife

Discover your placenta and the physiological process that comes with delivering the placenta, as well, and why that is so important. We will also touch base on your options with the placenta after it has been born, to you.

If you decide after this course that you also want to explore Unassisted Birth, our free birth course is FREE to you, just ask!

The Assisted Birth Course can be found HERE!

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